Providing services to the build industry

Building Efficiency is a company that provides services to the Build Industry.

You are knowledgeable enough to know what you need, as you work through the different stages of construction We are here to offer the tools necessary to help you improve your bottom line.


9.36 Building Code (Alberta)

Code Compliance
For building permit applications

SB-12 Building Code (Ontario)

Code compliance
For building permit applications

BC Step Code

Code compliance
For building permit applications

NBC Step Code (National)

Heat Loss and Heat

Calculations (Right sizing systems)

Duct Design (F-280)

Ventilation Design (F326)

Existing Home Programs

City of Calgary EnerGuide

labeling initiative for new and existing homes.

Grants up to $5000

for energy upgrades

Ontario / NRCan partnership

Grants up to $5000

Alberta Provincial

 loan program

During Construction

Building Envelope

energy modeling, testing and investigations.

Thermal Imaging

Radon testing

Air infiltration

blower door testing, homes and buildings

Indoor Air Quality testing

Superior air sealing

of homes and buildings.

After Construction

Energy performance

 measure for homes, new and existing

25% more efficiency than Code
built homes (Step 3 of NBC)

50% more efficiency than Code built homes

Up to 80% more efficiency than Code built homes (Step 4 of NBC)

The ultimate in Comfort & Efficiency

The ultimate in build construction to an International Standard

Building construction is about achieving a balance, as an example.
The building envelope and air tightness v’s mechanical systems to reduce costs.
Energy consumption v’s Energy production to achieve Net Zero.

The new NBC 2020 will allow you to work through the different options to achieve the best result, contact us to find out more.

At the end of the day, you are looking for Building Efficiency, Occupant Comfort, Validated Performance that improves your bottom line.

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